About Transportation Services


Service adjustment due to Strike Day of Action

-Friday May 25, 2018-

CUPE 3903 is holding a Day of Action at the Keele Campus on Friday May 25, 2018 To avoid longer delay times at picket lines; please note the following service adjustment for the Glendon-Keele Shuttle and the morning GO Train Shuttle:

Pick up & Drop off: 

4747 Keele Street (on the north /east side of the Keele Street & York Blvd/Canartic Drive Intersection).

*afternoon GO Train Shuttles should be able to pick up/drop off from Vari Hall unless the disruption continues longer than anticipated.

Should you require mobility assistance during this disruption; please call 416-873-3796

Transportation Services encourages commuting to the University through alternatives to the single occupant vehicle and supports community members to take public transit, carpool, bike, walk or in-line skate. The goal is to reduce the demand for parking at York University by increasing awareness of alternative sustainable methods of transportation.

Transportation Services actively works with our local public transit agencies to provide the best possible services to meet the transportation needs of the York University community. Furthermore, Transportation Services offers complimentary shuttles to the GO Train Station, a shuttle between the Glendon-Keele campus and also Van Go,  a mobility service for people with disabilities.

York University is one of the founding members of the Smart Commute - North Toronto, Vaughan (Smart Commute NTV), which is a non-profit with a mandate to raise awareness to reduce traffic congestion and to advocate for sustainable transportation.

At the 2012 Smart Commute Awards, York University was honoured as the top employer of the year, for outstanding achievement in the areas of commitment, leadership, innovation and results in sustainable transportation.